A catchy name, whether for your company or your products, is the foundation of all subsequent actions. It is the name that makes the product existent for the customer. The appealing name is then translated into a suitable visual representation through a logo. This visual representation of your company or product, along with the associated corporate design, enhances recognition value among your customers. We develop complete concepts for products and product series - individually tailored to the target audience and emotionally appealing.

Have you got a new product up your sleeve? We develop complete concepts for products and product series – individually tailored to the target group and emotionally appealing.

A digital presence completes your company's appearance. This primarily includes a modern, meaningful website. Programmed in responsive design, it is optimized for readability on smartphones, tablets, and more.

Through databases, your products can be effectively managed with texts, images, and other information. From this, we can generate a product overview on the website as well as offers and mailings for you.

Nowadays, honest, emotional content with an appealing design and target group-oriented texts are what convinces. This requires a targeted online marketing strategy that clearly transfers the company's goals to suitable platforms. As an advertising agency for the green industry, we identify the appropriate online channels for you and develop corresponding content strategies.

No skilled workers? Here comes the solution! Why do so few people apply for jobs in newspapers? Even on online portals, the response is often low. As we see it, there are two reasons for this:

1. Conventional job advertisements only reach people who are actively looking for a new job, and never the larger group of spontaneous jobseekers.

2. If an interested person wants to apply, there is always the hurdle with conventional offers of having to compile an elaborate application, including a CV. This discourages some people and opportunities are missed.

The solution: Attract new employees faster with Performance Recruiting

Our new Performance Recruiting campaigns reach the entire community on social media channels – whether they are actively looking for a job or not. With the linked quick application, save jobseekers the time-consuming application compilation process by allowing them to apply within 60 seconds and without a CV.

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Do you need more attention and are you planning to include advertisements or inserts in trade and consumer media? We would be happy to advise you about green media, because, as we are a media agency, you can be sure of our independence. We suggest media, forms of advertising and scheduling to match topic plans and trade fair dates. Of course, we are also happy to take care of the design for you.

We offer you a comprehensive press package: a concise text with a relevant hook plus a meaningful picture is the basis of a good press release. An up-to-date press distribution list of thematically appropriate journalists is tailored to the product and the company. Our service is complemented by the constant support of journalists in case of queries. Additional services such as press kits are also available.

A good advertising message always needs emotional photos. We offer you the option of commissioning the creation of eye-catching images via photo shoots. We will be delighted to put your product in the limelight, including clarifying the location, the decoration and the model. We are also happy to come to you for high-quality company and team pictures.

Alternatively, you can use high-quality, neutral images from our plant database for your print products, your website or your press release.

We offer you a comprehensive range of video production services. Whether it's an image film, corporate film or product film, we use strategic storytelling to represent complex content in a sophisticated way and convey your messages. In addition, with 360° Virtual reality, we make it possible to look in all directions. Do you want to offer a comprehensive insight into your company, for example? 360° virtual tours allow the viewer to determine the direction and perspective  individually.

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