Look out for this eye-catcher! Photinia Devil’s Dream® is a real attention grabber

06. November 2020

Perfect hedge plant takes centre stage

Alone its ability to grow up to 50 cm per year combined with its compact, upward growth and outstanding tolerance to pruning  make the photinia Devil’s Dream® the perfect hedge plant. Buyers also appreciate another entirely different USP: its vibrant red shoots, which make the Devil’s Dream® an attractive alternative to run-of-the-mill plain green hedges.

Green in the winter and fiery red in the summer: if there's one thing the photinia Devil’s Dream® is not, it's boring – which is exactly why it does so well with its target group. "The Devil's Dream is perfect for anyone looking for more than just a plain green hedge," explains Uwe Behrens whose business carries the photinia, among other plants. Compared to conventional photinia, the Devil’s Dream® is much more compact and, according to Behrens, offers an additional advantage when it comes to positioning oneself on the market. The red photinia's short shoots are the basis for its dense, opaque network of branches making it ideal for buyers wishing to enclose their properties and gardens. Two to three plants per meter will do the job perfectly. Devil’s Dream® buyers also have a lush hedge much faster compared to classic photinia whose growth tends to be less dense.

From spring into late summer, the Photinia Devil’s Dream is a colourful eye-catcher, top to bottom, and also boasts white blossoms in May. Only in fall does it steadily turn green and also keeps its foliage into the winter before new, red leaves emerge in the spring. Locations with full sun exposure are ideal for the Devil's Dream, however, it also keeps its colour in semi-shady areas as well  – much longer than typical photinia as Behrens points out. Its long-lasting colours and high tolerance to pruning also make the Devil’s Dream® an ideal solitary; as a potted plant, it also provides delightful touches of colour to balconies and patios.

When it comes to drawing attention to a brand's benefits, the marketing concept is also one thing in particular: attention grabbing! Its striking flame label, poster and brilliantly red 4-litre container make the photinia a genuine eye-catcher at the point of sale. An extensive media campaign in women's, gardening, living and lifestyle magazines has successfully established the Devil’s Dream® in various media in recent years. As a result, nearly 2.5 million readers have been reached since 2018. Multi-page photo features, among other things, in various media explain how to plant the Devil´s Dream® hedge. The Devil’s Dream® has also appeared on TV. For instance, the winter-hardy variety was recently featured in a programme on German TV. The combination of superior growing properties, unique colour and a sophisticated PR campaign have laid the foundation for another successful year for the Devil´s Dream®

For more information, please visit www.devils-dream.de

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